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The utility terrain vehicle, or UTV, is one of the most useful and widely used vehicles. In fact, they’re so versatile that they’re often preferred over ATVs. The utility of these vehicles makes them useful tools in farming, gardening, hunting, and even military-related functions. So, if you want to know how to get even more out of your UTV, here are the essential UTV accessories you need. 

_The Ultimate Guide to Buying UTV Accessories 1

Best UTV Accessories for the Road

Have you ever wanted to take your UTV for a drive on the open road?

Before you take to the streets, you’ll need to equip your UTV with the proper accessories to meet legal requirements. 

Most UTVs come with basic components such as headlights, and brake lights. However, some UTVs don’t come with horns and rearview mirrors, which are important safety components. 

When you’re looking for UTV rearview mirrors, be sure to get complete mirror kits with all the mounting parts. Kits typically come with a set of two mirrors, mounting brackets, and clamps.

If your UTV doesn’t already come with a horn, you’ll need to get a horn kit. With one kit, you can get a fuse holder, amp fuse, harness, mounting hardware, and a push-button.

Best UTV Accessories for the Weather

Open UTVs let you catch more wind and sun while you’re driving. However, hot summer days with the extreme sun can take a toll.

A UTV roof provides shade so you can stay cool and protected from sunburn. Roofs also protect you from other extreme conditions like heavy rain, snow, and hail. 

Roofs also offer some opportunities for customization. For instance, models like the Assault Stealth series Aluminum Roof are styled to add a sporty aesthetic to your UTV. Beyond aesthetics, UTV covers can add aerodynamic stability when you drive at high speeds. 

If you want to protect your UTV from the weather, you can also invest in a cover. Draping a cover over your UTV can protect the upholstery from the elements and harmful debris. Since many UTVs have exposed interiors, this is a highly useful accessory.

To protect the exterior of your UTV from color fading, you can find UV (ultraviolet) resistant covers. 

You can also find a wide variety of weather-related tools in the collection of Kawasaki KRX 1000 accessories.

Best UTV Utility Accessories

Ever get your UTV stuck in the mud? A winch is a perfect tool to get you out.

They’re also helpful in cold conditions when it’s hard to get traction on an icy road. Or, if you need to plow snow, a winch can help you connect the plow to your UTV.

Winches can also equip your UTV with hauling ability. There are winches with various towing strengths. However, you’ll also need to know your UTV’s hauling capacity.

Your UTV’s undercarriage is designed to handle rugged conditions, but it’s not indestructible. That’s why you’ll need to regularly replace your skid plate when it starts to wear down. 

A sturdy skid plate allows you to glide over watery or rocky areas without damaging your vehicle. It defines your UTV from other vehicles that aren’t designed to run on all terrains. 

Aluminum plates add durability and strength, but plastic skid plates are lightweight and increase mobility. 

Find Your UTV Accessories

UTV accessories help you get even more use out of your UTV. 

For pricier items like skid plates, you’ll have to purchase individual units. On the other hand, you can purchase other accessories like headlights and mirrors together in a UTV accessory pack.

However, you choose to buy, be sure to research the exact features you want for the right price. 

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