8 Things You Should Not Do Right After a Car Accident 1

No matter how good of a driver you may be, car accidents are generally unavoidable. Once you put yourself out there on the highway, you’re naturally exposing yourself to all hazards. What matters now, when it happens, is how well you work towards making the outcome of your car accident a little bit more positive.

8 Things You Should Not Do Right After a Car Accident 2

Car accidents can be a traumatizing experience and maybe you’re an experienced driver, but none of us are prepared for such accidents till it really happens. The immediate rush of emotions and fear force you to make wrong decisions that may cost you in the future, which is why we have listed here 8 things you should never do when you are involved in a car accident. As you’re now more informed about these, should an accident happen to you, you know better how to react.

1. Run From The Accident Site

As per law, anyone who has been involved in an accident needs to stop the car immediately and not leave the spot. If you decide to leave the site, you’ll be heavily penalized. Hence if you’re involved in an accident, stay at the site and report it to the police immediately. Also, get medical assistance as soon as possible if needed.

Even more importantly, if you run away from the accident site, this will only make you look guilty, which can complicate the overall situation of the accident. Stay where you are, and let the proper authorities, such as the police, doctors, and The Dominguez Firm car accident lawyers do their job.

2. Not Call The Police

Some people think involving cops can complicate the situation, but it’s not so as it is essential to report the incident irrespective of the damages involved. File a FIR as it is crucial when it comes to claiming car insurance.

3. Forget To Take Pictures Or Note Down Information

Before you leave the site of the accident, take pictures of the damages and note down as much information as possible of both the parties. Record the license plate numbers and any other relevant information. If you forget to note these things, the insurance claim process may become much harder.

4. Get Angry

Make sure not to lose your temper at the accident site and get angry on the third party involved as it is not the time to deal with such a scenario when you are not in your right state of mind. Cool your mind and deal with the situation maturely.

5. Apologize Or Admit Fault

Never apologize for the accident immediately after the incident also, do not admit it is your fault when you converse with the insurance company as that will go against you and the company may use it to avoid paying you for the damages.

6. Neglect To Follow-Up

Get in touch with the insurance company and also the insurance company of the third party. You need to constantly follow up or else these already time-consuming tasks can delay further.

7. Agree To An Unfair Settlement

Right after getting involved in a car accident, you can expect insurance companies reaching out to you regularly. They’ll try to bargain with you for a settlement on the case. If you aren’t careful, you can easily fall prey to these offers, which wouldn’t be good for you.

Refrain from entering into any kind of settlement on your own without the help of a legal team. As per the car accident lawyers at joestephenslaw.com, you may not be aware of the complicated legal clauses in such a scenario and may agree to an unfair settlement, which is why you should take the opinion of a lawyer instead.

8. File A Case By Yourself

If you have to file a case in the court against the insurance company, doing it on your own reduces your winning chances. The same rule also holds when filing against the negligent party. Now isn’t the time for you to DIY, as truth be told, you wouldn’t happen to know the ins and outs of the legalities surrounding your case.

Hiring experienced lawyers who have worked in this field for years can help you get better settlements. Especially when you know for sure that the car accident isn’t due to your fault, all the more that you should hold the right individuals liable for their action. You need to get the compensation that you deserve. It’s only through the help of a lawyer that all your rights can be properly brought before the courts.

The Bottom Line- Stay Calm

Yes, dealing with an accident is not pleasant. But, worrying about it too much isn’t going to help, either. Instead, listen to your lawyers and let them handle the hard part of the settlement. Staying calm will help you think better and make better decisions, which is absolutely a necessity in such situations. While you can’t control the possibility of an accident from happening, you’ve got full control over its results. The only way for you to do this is to stay within your senses so you can weigh each of your actions. In doing so, you can have the best and most favorable possible outcome of your accident.