Smart Way To Bump Start Your Motocross Bike 1

Whenever you find yourself in a scenario when it seems that there is nothing that you could do, be sure that there is always a life hack that will help you. People come up with these different ideas quite often, all you have to do is to search for it and watch every step of it. However, you will no longer have to wonder how you could possibly start your dead motorcycle in the bushes. You will not even need a downhill or someone else to pull you. It is called the bump start and your will be surprised at how simple and easy it is!

Smart Way To Bump Start Your Motocross Bike 2

Namely, a second bike is going to help you in doing so. The second bike must be started up at first and then both of the rear tires from the motorcycles are going to come in contact and are going to be lifted a little bit of the ground.

The spinning tire is going to do all the work and even though the bump start might take some to do at first, it will eventually work and in no time and without any effort or tools, your bike will run once again.

These guys make an awesome demonstration on how this cool life hack works and who knows, you might actually find use for it the next time you go with your dirt bike out in the bushes.

It looks very simple and as you can see, it surely is an effective method to do!