NYPD Traffic Control Towed This McLaren The Wrong Way 1

There are number and number of things that people do the wrong way, however there is a huge difference between them. Certain things are going to cost you nothing even though they are done wrong, whereas some might cost a fortune with even the slightest of mistake. This is exactly what the owner of this gorgeous McLaren learnt when his car got towed away by the NYPD Traffic Control, but in a wrong way. There was one thing that they did wrong and we all know that the owner is going to get really mad.

NYPD Traffic Control Towed This McLaren The Wrong Way 2

The McLaren was probably wrongly parked and a tow truck arrived soon after at the scene. It seemed like the guys were having some issues with towing away the vehicle, so they called for a back up.

The NYPD Traffic Control arrived and instead of calmly solving this problem, they decided to do something utterly wrong. The two men violently opened the driver’s door in a search for a quick way to release the hand brake.

However, due to this awful reaction, the alarm of the car was turned on but the owner was nowhere to be seen. Soon after, the expensive McLaren was connected to the tow truck and it was towed away.

One thing that bothers all of us is the awful reaction that the NYPD Traffic Control had into violently opening the car, as a way to take it away from there. All we can hope is that the owner did not pay much for the repair!

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