With the UKs Latest Announcement Car Recycling is More Important Than Ever 3

A recent report by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showed that the world only has a maximum of 12 years to limit the maximum rate of global warming to around 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Even half a degree more than that will lead to huge risks of floods, drought, heat waves and abject poverty for many people. Governments are urged to limit the amount of carbon emission they allow in their countries. However, you don’t have to wait for your government to do something. You can do something yourself by car recycling.

With the UKs Latest Announcement Car Recycling is More Important Than Ever 2

The easiest way to recycle your vehicle is to sell it to an entity that will take care of the entire operation from scratch. For example, you can recycle your auto in Langley. However, even before you take that step, there are many little things you can do that can make a huge difference to your vehicle.

Motor Oil Recycling

You don’t have to wait for your vehicle to become a junk item for you to recycle. It. You can get the recycling started long before it ends its effective lifespan. Every time you change the oil, do not discard the old oil as it is a serious threat to the environment. Instead, consider recycling it. You can capture it and give it to your local gas station, auto supply shop or repair shop. Most of these stations have facilities for recycling oil. You can also do the same for the oil filter, recycling it every time the oil reservoir is drained of oil completely.

Vehicle Battery Recycling

During the lifespan of your vehicle, you’re likely to replace your vehicle battery at least a few times. So, what happens to older batteries? Do they get discarded? Hopefully not. You can recycle the battery, at least to make sure the lead in it isn’t released into the environment, considering how toxic it is. There are many repair shops and salvage lots that will buy old batteries and, depending on your local laws, financial incentives exist to encourage vehicle owners to recycle their old batteries.

With the UKs Latest Announcement Car Recycling is More Important Than Ever 1

Tire Recycling

Just like with batteries, you will also probably buy many new tires for your vehicle during its lifespan. Many tire shops will take the old tires and keep them for recycling as you swap them out for new tires. Some tire types are possible to retread, making them ready for reuse. Other tires will be ground to be used in road turf, fuel and other products.

Consider Charitable Donation

There are many vehicle recyclers that have connections to organizations like the Red Cross, making it easy for you to donate your vehicle to a charity. You give your vehicle to the group and, as a result, you enjoy a tax benefit in the form of a deduction. It’s a great deal for all parties involved. The charity will pick up the vehicle and sell it to a company that recycles vehicles in return for some income. The recycler will then break the vehicle up and sell the parts for cash.