Pentagon Most Mysterious UFO Program Object Unknown 1

The phenomenon of coming across an unidentified flying object, or known as UFO, has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many believe that there is something out there, something that no one has seen so far. However, even though there have been some videos and some data collected, no one has actually managed to prove it. Hereby, we take a look at this short video that was just published which is actually part of the most mysterious UFO program governed by the Pentagon.

Pentagon Most Mysterious UFO Program Object Unknown 2

Yes, the realm of extraterrestrial life is something that has not been fully investigated but this video released by the Defense Department’s Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program might just give us a clue.

This program was managed by a military intelligence official by the name of Luis Elizondo. According to a report this mysterious UFO program was shut down in 2012, however, some claim that is began its work in 2007 and has not stopped ever since.

Many spooky and shadowy videos have been made ever since but do they really portray and give us the exact proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life? Well, probably no but if the program continues to make its progress, who knows what we might expect in the near future. Even though there is so much more to know, this video is something that is going to make more involved and interested in this field.

What do you think, what was actually the object that we see on the footage?

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