This Is How They Learn Stoppie at Bikers School 1

We are all aware of the fact that stunting is a really dangerous profession and not everyone is capable of doing. In fact, only the bravest of them all who are willing to risk their own lives in order to become successful are going to have a great career. Hereby, if you have ever been wondering how these guys learn the stunts that they perform, we have the answer. Technology has gone a long way ever since its beginning and safety precautions are much better nowadays. This stoppie school surely does reinforce this statement.

This Is How They Learn Stoppie at Bikers School 2

Yes, there is in fact a stoppie school that you can take part in if you want to learn a new stunt, or in this case, a wheelie. Performing a wheelie is a no easy task and you are going to fail over and over again until you do it just perfect.

Hereby, in order to make this learning experience a bit more pleasurable, this stoppie school has a helping mechanism that prevents you and your bike from falling to the sides, or even worse, at your head. It was built purely for that use and the way it functions is pretty simple.

It can be attached to the bike and it has couple of smaller wheels at the front that enable you to move but prevent you from completely falling down.

We are all sure that this is the perfect solution to everyone who is interested into learning something new and would like to give it a shot in stunting!