Hear The Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust 1

There are many DIY invention videos that we have covered so far and hence people come up with different ideas each day, there is a variety to choose from. When it comes to modifying a production bike, there is not much that you can do, besides completely stripping it down and making something new. However, there are some bike enthusiasts who simply shift the realms of normal and make something that no one has seen so far. This is why this motorcycle exhaust looks very unreal, but it creates awesome sound.

Hear The Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust 11

Namely, these guys took a big piece of aluminum and formed a cylindrical shape. This enabled them to have a small opening at one end, and a massive opening at the other. Once this was in place and fixed on this motorcycle exhaust, the fun part was finally ready to begin.

There are many people gathered with their phones taken out and they film what this bike is really capable of. Some of them even put their hands to the ears hence it is just too loud. The guys seem to have some troubles with keeping the bike in place, however they manage to amaze just about everyone who was there.

It is really a unique experience to listen to this sound from a quite unusual motorcycle exhaust.

This Kawasaki bike surely is one of the better ones that we have seen and even though we do not get the chance to see it in action on the road, we are all impressed by it!