Dirt Bike Cleaning 2

Every rider loves the feeling that comes with wearing expensive dirt bike helmets and gears and riding their dirt bike on a challenging road, and then they face the ugly and inevitable part, that is, cleaning and maintaining the bike. After spending a good time on roads festooned with mud and dirt, call for deep dirt bike cleaning and maintenance. While it is something that shouldn’t be ignored, most bikers fly in the face of it.

Dirt bike maintenance is a crucial part of owning and riding a dirt bike. Although it doesn’t sound exciting, it is essential to keep your bike running impeccably on the road. 

To make it easy for you, let us share some easy dirt bike cleaning and maintenance tips. Here we go. 

Tip #1: Wash thoroughly after every outing 

Needless to say, dirt bikes tend to get dirty in just one ride. Hence, washing it after every adventure is crucial. Make sure you don’t force water into the areas where it shouldn’t go. For it, use a bucket, sponge, and brushes instead of a pressure washer to clean every inch of your dirt bike. Keep water from entering your bike’s engine or electrical components, as it may cause expensive damage. Also, use an airbox cover to protect the carburettor from dirt and water. 

Tip #2: Make inspection your habit 

A regular, thorough inspection of a bike brings you face to face with issues that might not catch your attention otherwise. Make it a point to inspect your bike after cleaning and drying it. Go around the bike, check for oil drips under the motor and on the ground. Also, check for brake fluid and coolant. If your find leaks, get them fixed immediately. 

Tip #3: Check and clean the air filters 

Optimally functioning air filters are crucial to improving the overall performance of your dirt bike. Moreover, clean air filters shield the engine from expensive damages and repairs. 

Clean the filters with a mix of water and any household cleaner, or use a dedicated spray-on cleaner. Once the filters are clean and dry, finish them off with a coat of air-filter oil. 

Tip #4: Keep the chain clean 

Chains are indeed the dirtiest part of a dirt bike. Coated with mud, they hamper the performance of the bike if not cleaned on time. 

Use a nylon brush to clean the chains thoroughly. Make sure the chain is dry while cleaning. Once you clean it, use a good quality lube to lubricate your chain. 

Tip #5: Change the oil 

Changing motor oil is an essential part of dirt bike maintenance, more so if your bike spends considerable time in the mud. Determine the frequency of changing oil based on how you treat your bike and what the manufacturer recommends. 

If your bike often navigates extremely rough and challenging terrains more often, change the oil after every ride. Otherwise, changing it after every 8 to 10 operating hours would do. 

Tip #6: Check the tire pressure 

Again, it depends on the condition of the terrain. Maintaining 8 psi for the front tire and 6 psi for the rear tire would be ideal for muddy conditions. While, if you ride in dry conditions, keep the pressure to 14 psi for the front tire and 12 psi for the rear tire. 

Also, get the tires checked by experts more often. 

The bottom line 

Whether you love it or hate it, cleaning and maintenance is the only way to keep your dirt bike going smoothly on challenging terrains. If you choose to ignore it, prepare yourself to meet issues at every turn until your dirt bike stops completely. 

To avoid problems, make cleaning and maintenance your habit. We hope these tips will help you in this respect.