This Little Girl Will Teach You How To Change Oil On Your Car 1

If you have been around cars for a long time now, then you must already be familiar with all the basic things that you can do to your car, without having the need to go to the mechanic. Moreover, even if you do not know anything, there are numerous tutorials that you can check out on the internet that show you every single step and all the materials you need. However, we have not previously come across a video in which a little girl does all the job of changing your oil in the car.

This Little Girl Will Teach You How To Change Oil On Your Car 2

Yes, you heard it right! This little girl is able to do the entire job on her own and if you thought that changing your oil is a difficult task, this video will show you why it is not.

She will take you through all of the necessary steps that you need to do in order to make sure that everything is perfect and as it should be.

First things first, you need to jack up your car so you can have free access underneath it. Then, you are going to look for the drain plug and the oil filter which is located right next to it. Next, take your oil can and unscrew the oil plug.

This is going to cause all of the old oil to drain out. Then, replace the oil filter with a brand new one. All you have to do now is to fill up your car with the new oil, and you are done!