Airbus A390 3 Decker Aircraft 2

The trend of coming up with brand new ideas and innovations is something that every car manufacturing company is striving for. There have been some awesome things that we have seen lately. However, it is not just cars and trucks that are getting upgraded, namely, the planes are taken to a whole new level now. Yes, the planes of today look extremely different than the ones that we have had just ten years ago, and this video is here to prove us why. Namely, you will be amazed at how huge the new Airbus A390 really is!

Airbus A390 3 Decker Aircraft 1

Even though we must admit that we are somewhat used to taking a look at huge planes manufactures by Airbus, however this one takes the game to a whole new level. As much as 1,000 passengers can be transported with the Airbus A390 per flight.

There are six big jet engines that will enable for this piece of wonder to glide through the sky with ease. However, there are also some drawbacks to it. Namely, there has been a significant reduction in the flight range of the plane, which is now at “just” around 7,500 miles.

Moreover, certain airports have to make some changes to their runways and extend them for a bit hence the Airbus A390 requires a 1.2 miles long runway for taking-off and landing.

The pilots who maneuver it have to be extremely experienced hence even the slightest of mistake could possibly end in disaster. One thing is for sure, this is a pure piece of wonder!

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