Here Is How To Shift An 18 Speed Transmission 1

There is a common opinion among many people who do not know much about cars that it is extremely difficult to drive a manual transmission car. This is probably the reason why all of them automatic transmission vehicles. However, if you thought that was difficult, then you have not heard about the 18 speed transmission that many big trucks have it. Yes, this is far more complicated than the common daily drive cars that we have and this guy shows us just how you should get used to driving one such truck.

Here Is How To Shift An 18 Speed Transmission 2

Once you get the idea of it, you will soon realize that it is in fact rather simple hence all it takes is an H pattern. Do not get discouraged from the start hence everyone is capable of managing an 18 speed transmission.

You are going to shift through the first to fourth gear as usual and then you are going to have to pull the black switch at the front. This is going to set the high setting, thus you can now shift through the fifth to eighth gear in the same patter as previously.

Once you get the idea of it, you can fairly easy handle it. You can even draw a small pattern on a piece of paper that is going to help you easily remember the gears at first, if you do not have them on the shifter stick.

The pleasure and the excitement of driving such truck is amazing, so make sure you do it the right way!