Worst Supercars Ever 1

Due to the fact that the car market is in fact massive and there are many, many cars, means that besides all of the amazing models that have been made, there are some which are in fact awful. Hereby, if you are looking forward to seeing them in one neat compilation, take a look at the following video as we take a look at some of the worst supercars of all time. Some of these cars are indeed awful! We start off our list with a rather surprising car, the Ferrari Mondial.

Worst Supercars Ever 2

One thing is for sure about this car. Even though at first glance it might seem that it is super fast, in reality, it is not. Yes, the Mondial came in with a V8 engine, however, it was a significantly heavier package compared to the other models from that time. We also get the chance to hear the sound of the car.

Next on the list of the worst supercars ever is the Maserati Merak. Even though this car might look like one of those extremely fast muscle cars from back in the days, it is far away from it. The Merak came in with a 2.0L V6 engine that makes “only” 168 HP.

The list of awful supercars continues with the Lamborghini Uraco. Yes, even a Lamborghini features on this list. The Uraco was able to make just 180 HP out of its 2.0L V8 engine.

If you want to see every other utterly bad supercar, make sure to check out the full video!

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