car cut in half test drive 11

There are many crazy things that you can come up with while working on your latest car project. People usually leave the boundaries of common sense and they come up with the wackiest of creations. Even though we have seen many such things in the past, what you are about to see here will either impress you a lot or leave you in many doubts. These guys took an old VW and cut it in half using some common tools. But, the real question is whether this car cut in half will be able to drive or it is just a bad idea?

car cut in half test drive 1

Well, it is time to find the answer out, but first let us take a look at how the project began to take its shape. First of all, obviously, the car had to be stripped down to bare metal. After doing so, it was finally time to begin cutting.

Couple of minutes of precise cutting, the car cut in half could have been put together yet once again. They welded it on couple of spots and it was finally time for the real test. The guys also installed some cool seats on the driver’s and passenger’s side.

And guess what, the car cut in half was actually able to drive and it looks really fun.

If you are driving at a higher speed and suddenly hit the brake, with the help of the rolling cage that they installed, the car is actually able to roll itself and stop on its wheels!

At last, this car split into half as it hit a tree!