4 Essential Car Gadgets and Accessories 1

There are many different accessories and gadgets available for your car to make driving a more pleasant experience. Some are utterly frivolous, like coffee makers which plug into the dash, while others are now considered essentials of driving life such as towbars as found on this website. Here is a list of the latter; 4 car gadgets we believe to be essential to anyone with a car.

4 Essential Car Gadgets and Accessories 2

Smartphone Mount

Nearly everyone nowadays has a smartphone and they can also act as music players and Sat Navs while driving. To keep the phone in an easily viewable location, you will need a mount to place it on. These can vary from simple magnetic mounts on the dashboard to full Bluetooth-enabled gadgets which can also charge your phone while hanging from the windscreen. All you need to do is decide which would be best for you.

Sun Shade

A must-have if you live in a hotter climate, a windshield sun shade will help prevent your car’s interior reaching ridiculous temperatures while it is sitting in a parking lot. It can also protect the cabin from any sun damage, something you have to be considerate of if you wish to sell the car on in the future.

Sun Shades can be made to fit any and every make and model of car so it will always perfectly fit your windshield. They can also feature various fun designs so any passers-by can get a chuckle when they see your car.

Jump Start Power Bank

Having a pair of jumper cables is a must on the off-chance that your car refuses to start. However, if you live in a more remote location, there might not be anyone around for you to use to start your car. You can now get power banks designed for these precise circumstances; complete with crocodile clips and all. These power banks may also have USB sockets so you can also keep your phone charged in the events of an emergency.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Many modern cars hit the market with Bluetooth capabilities as part of the standard deal. However, there are still many people who choose to still drive older cars. While there is a whole host of reasons why this may be a smart decision for some, people will still miss some aspects of modern technology. This is why a Bluetooth transmitter is such a brilliant investment

It plugs into the cigarette lighter, as many gadgets have done over the years, and allows you to take calls wirelessly and play your music like you would with any other device. What’s more, it often comes with a USB port so you can also charge your phone on the go.

Just because you can’t afford the latest and most expensive car on the market does not mean that you cannot enjoy some of the perks that come with them; you just need to buy them separately. These gadgets and accessories are all essentials for many car owners. If you are missing out on one, consider investing in it today.