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Every single winter people who are often in their cars and onto the public roads are very much familiar with the problems and difficulties that they come across. Driving on a snowy day can be extremely dangerous, thus having the proper equipment is crucial. However, there are times where the danger is lurking behind the corner and no matter how much we try, we cannot avoid it. Most of us already know how dangerous a truck roof with snow can be. Well, these guys came up with an ingenious solution.

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Namely, they designed and manufactured a tool that is going to help every truck and bus driver to have a clean roof. It is called the Fleetplow and it does the entire job in just couple of seconds with a simple press of a button.

Yes, the machine automatically lowers itself down onto the truck roof and all you are going to have to do is to slowly drive your truck while the machine does its job. Instead of you manually cleaning the snow, you can just use the Fleetplow.

Moreover, if you are not already familiar with how dangerous truck roof snow can be, there is a short clip in this video which shows you just how easy it is for the snow to completely shatter a windshield. Yes, combine snow with great speed and you will get a deadly force. What do you think, should these machines be placed throughout the country?

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