Golden Gate Zipper Truck Changes Lanes During Rush Hour 22

Being stuck in traffic can be something really annoying and you could possibly spend hours and hours before getting to your desired location. This is especially true if you find yourself on a busy bridge hence there is nothing that you can actually do. Well, the designers of this zipper truck decided to change all of that. Namely, the zipper truck has a simple task of shifting and changing the lanes according to the needs of a rush hour. It solves the problem in just couple of minutes and watching this time lapse video is purely satisfying.

Golden Gate Zipper Truck Rush Hour 2

It begins from one end and it slowly drives to the other end, while at the same time it moves the barriers on the road according to the needs, either to one or the other direction. What is the best part about it is that the traffic does not get stopped for even a second and the cars are free to go, just like the truck would not have been there.

The zipper truck just might be the ultimate solution to all over-crowded bridges during rush hour, hence usually one of the opposite direction lanes is busier than the other.

The video that we see here and the zipper truck are located at the Golden Gate Bridge and there is no other further information whether it was used somewhere else other than here.

Nonetheless, every area that has this problem, should definitely consider getting one of these zipper trucks!

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