How to Save Fuel_ Tips and Tricks 2

With the price of gas fluctuating all the time, trying to save it is a good idea.  Some of your everyday driving habits might be costing you money on fuel, but also what you put in your car can affect gas levels. Here are some of the easy ways you can save fuel. Be sure to try all of the tips and tricks bellow and tell us what do you think.

How to Save Fuel_ Tips and Tricks 1

Close Your Windows

It should come as no surprise that being more aerodynamic will help you to save fuel. Opening windows can be refreshing, but if you need to save on gas, then closing them is one of the easiest things you can do to help. This is more applicable to higher speeds where your car will really battle against open windows. If it is hot, use air conditioner on long journeys. Keep the windows down around town.

Reduce Your Speed

By driving at 55 instead of 75mph, you can save around 20 percent more fuel. This is a significant amount which shows that speeding is an all-around bad idea. Also, driving at a consistent speed helps. This is because even on long, straight roads if you are continually changing speed, it can cause you to use up a lot more gas. Using cruise control can help to prevent this.

Check Air Pressure

Another way you can save fuel is through air pressure. It is recommended that you check on this once a month as tires that are not at the right psi level can increase rolling resistance. This uses more fuel to keep going. The best tire inflator for sale is one you can keep in your car, so you are always able to check your levels.

Do Not Leave It Idle

Even a minute of leaving your engine running can use unnecessary gas. Turning it off while you wait will benefit gas levels as well as the environment.

How to Save Fuel_ Tips and Tricks 3

Drive in A Higher Gear

If you drive a manual, using a higher gear when possible can save your precious gas. Consider the fact that using a lower gear at higher speeds will increase revs and drain fuel. Don’t wait for the revs to be too high before changing and use the higher gears when the opportunity is there.

Reduce the Weight Of The Car

If you are carrying unnecessary weight on a journey, then it is costing you fuel when it doesn’t have to. Perhaps you leave the roof rack on even when you don’t use it. Don’t—these aren’t aerodynamic either. The lighter your car is, the more fuel efficient it is. That drum kit you haven’t taken out the trunk yet could really be costing you.

Don’t Break Hard

Reduce your speed gradually when approaching traffic lights or speed bumps. When you brake hard, it uses fuel that your car shouldn’t have to.

There are many ways you can save on fuel, and some of them are as simple as driving differently to how you usually do. When you start to use the above advice, you will find your car to be more economical.