Safety First_ 7 Accident-Prevention Tips for Motorcyclists 2

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, more than 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in 2017. While that’s a decrease of 3.1% from 2016, it’s still too many preventable deaths on America’s roadways. While riding a bike is inherently more dangerous than driving a vehicle, there are things that you can do to keep yourself safe. Here are seven accident prevention tips to keep you safe on the road.

Safety First_ 7 Accident-Prevention Tips for Motorcyclists 1

Be More Visible

Bright and vivid colors can go a long way in keeping you safe on the road. If your motorcycle itself isn’t painted a bright color, then you need to be sure you have something with you that is noticeable. Wearing bright colors is essential when you are riding at night or if you find yourself in conditions with lower-than-normal visibility.

Don’t Ride in Blind Spots

Most drivers check their blind spots but are conditioned to look for average sized vehicles. Since most bikes can be up to three times smaller than a typical sedan, you can quickly disappear in a driver’s blind spot. This means you must be careful not to linger in a driver’s blind spot. If you are going to pass, make it happen fast, or prepare to fall back so that you can be seen in the driver’s mirror.

Watch for Left Turns

The single most dangerous situation for motorcyclists, according to happens when cars make left-hand turns. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle is heading straight through an intersection, they are often not noticed by the turning driver. When you approach an intersection, be cautious and assume that nearby drivers don’t see you.

Avoid Lane Splitting

While lane splitting isn’t illegal in every state, it is still a dangerous practice to participate in. Driving in between two vehicles can increase your chances of being sideswiped by a driver who failed to check their mirrors or blind spots before merging or turning.

Always Travel at Safe Speeds

Motorcyclists are seen as reckless by nature, while this stereotype is mostly unfounded, it is true that many accidents that involve motorcycles are as a result of speeding. No matter what kind of car you drive, speeding is never a good choice as it exponentially increases your chances of being in an accident. To avoid this, as well as avoid getting a hefty ticket, follow the law and obey the set speed limit.

Safety First_ 7 Accident-Prevention Tips for Motorcyclists 3

Keep Up with Maintenance

Many accidents involving motorcycles are as a result of poor weather or adverse road conditions. To prevent crashes due to these factors, it is essential that you keep your bike in top-notch shape with the help of AMTC. You’ll need to pay close attention to your tire pressure, especially at the beginning and end of winter.

Wear Protective Gear

No matter how careful you are while on your motorcycle, you can’t make other drivers safer. You can be blindsided at any time, which makes it crucial for you to wear the proper protective gear anytime you hop on your bike. Wearing the appropriate protective clothing can help to reduce the chances of serious injury if you are in an accident.

Staying safe on your motorcycle is of the utmost importance. Follow these seven safety tips to decrease the likelihood that you’ll be in an accident.