DIY Motorcycle Maintenance 10 Tasks You Can Do Yourself 1

Did you know a well-serviced motorcycle can last for 20 years? Majority of bike riders do it out of passion and not because of need. If you’re a passionate motorcyclist, you want to travel the world on your motorcycle. The deep fire from within propels your ability to cycle for impossible miles, paths, and terrains. This crazy passion attaches you strongly to your motorcycle. You don’t want any harm or scratch on it. If you want your motorcycle to last for decades, you need to practice proper maintenance. You don’t have to be a mechanic for motorcycle maintenance.

DIY Motorcycle Maintenance 10 Tasks You Can Do Yourself 2

10 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips That You Can Do It Yourself

Are you worried you might mess your bike? You’ve probably always left the maintenance work to the specialists.

You don’t have to call your mechanic for basic maintenance. It’ll cost you significantly for things you can learn.

No one is born with an information bank on motorbike maintenance knowledge. Here are some few tips on how to care for your motorcycle.

1. Engine Oil and Filter Replacement

Changing your motorcycle engine oil is very important. Oil is a fundamental element of your motorbike. It helps lubricate the engine and reduce friction between its components.

Replacing engine oil is simple. How do you do it?

  • Remove the bike’s oil cap
  • Place a tray under your bike
  • Remove the sump plug
  • Drain all the oil and remove the filter.
  • Replace the sump plug. Tighten the bolt to the correct torque settings. Reassemble the pieces you removed to access your bank oil tank.

If you find trouble changing oil, follow the motorbike manual. It’ll guide you step to step on how to do it. If you’re doing it for the first time, you can have an expert around to guide you.

2. Brake Pads Maintenance

Your life when riding depends on the proper functioning of brake pads. It’s commendable to check the brakes regularly.

If you realize the brake pads are worn off, you need to change them. Would that cost you or you can do it yourself? You can do it yourself by following the manual.

Note: Make sure to choose the correct brake pads.

Follow the instructions to the latter. Mistakes with brake pads are like gambling with your life. You don’t want that.

Have an expert around if it’s your first time.

3. Tire Maintenance

You need to regularly check your tire pressure. The manual indicates the correct amount of pressure your tires should have. So how do you care for your tires?

  • Check for damages like wear and tear and punctures
  • Clean your tires regularly: Dust and road grit causes pitting of the tires
  • Air pressure and lubrication: Check the air pressures using a tire gauge.
  • Wax your tires and add corrosion liquid to reduce wear and tear.

4. Chain

You want to ride smoothly, don’t you? Chain maintenance is vital to avoid accidents like back wheel lock out.

A loose chain is a liability, so is a tight chain. An enormously loose chain can cause slip off the rockets which eventually locks out the back wheel.

A very tight chain causes tear and damages of some parts of the motorbike. You don’t want that. How do you adjust the chain to strike a point of balance?

Using rear wheel nuts and adjustment screws, follow your manual to fix the chain.

Lubricate and clean the chain regularly.

5. Clean Your Bike

Unless you don’t have time, cleaning your bike after use is an ideal maintenance strategy. Proper cleaning gives your bike a brand new look even after years of wear and tear.

Is there a particular formula for cleaning your bike? Not really. All you need is to soap the bike with plenty of hot water and bike shampoo.

Note: Avoid using wash-up liquid; it can be corrosive and may destroy your bike.

Cleaning regularly gives you the chance to notice any mechanical misses and dents on the body that require repair.

6. Check the Coolant Level

The liquid coolant protects the motorcycle engine from overheating and winter frosts. So, how should you replace the coolant fluid?
Depending on how often you use your bike, the frequency may vary. In most cases, coolant fluid change is done after two years. If you use your bike quite often, you need to change the coolant more often.

7. Check the Battery Regularly

What about the batteries? The battery is a crucial part of your motorcycle. Failure to check your battery can turn into an expensive affair.

Even though you love the bike, you don’t want miscellaneous avoidable expenses. How do you avoid such? Look out for battery leakages or any blown fuse.

If you’re not confident on how to handle the batteries, these maintenance free options can save your battery.

  • Clean your battery regularly
  • Clean the terminals
  • Move your bike under cover
  • Check the electrolyte levels
  • Clean the Air Filters

8. Lights and Horns

During the rains, the lights and horn are prone to damage. Check the lights to ensure they accord the correct illumination. If you feel the lights are slightly deem or not as bright as before, replace the bulb.

You can upgrade the bulbs to boost visibility. The horns too should be audible to ensure safety, especially at the road.

9. Greasing

Don’t you want to maintain the value of your motorcycle much better? Lubing is usually neglected. It’s important to grease your bike frequently. Why?

It keeps the moving parts in good condition for a long time, and saves you money.

10. Regularly Service Your Bike

The manual guides you on how often to service the bike. Find reliable authorized service dealers to help with regular servicing. Why service?

It adds value to your bike, prevents hefty repairs, and takes care of other motorcycle maintenance issues.

Wrapping Up

If you’re passionate about your bike, then you want it to serve you long. You don’t need daily mechanic services to achieve that. You can handle motorcycle maintenance issues like changing oil, tires, horns, light, and regular cleaning among others.

Learn the basic maintenance strategies to avoid breakdown or buying a new motorbike.

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