What Happens When You Use Coca Cola Bottles Instead Of A Tire 1

People are creatures that are meant to be free-spirited, creative and innovative. They often do stuff and experiments in order to maintain that state of mind. However, not always do their experiments have sense. Honestly, we are not really sure how many of the experiments we have seen made any. Nevertheless, this man is using coca cola bottles instead of tires, just to see what will happen. This experiment is one of those non-sense ones. However, let’s have a look!

What Happens When You Use Coca Cola Bottles Instead Of A Tire 2

As the video starts, we can see that this man has already tried this experiment. He had used many bottles and tried to replace tires with them. This time, he decided to use coca cola bottles and wrap the rim with them.

What he did is gathering around 20 or more bottles of coke and taking his wheels off. He drives a Mercedes, for the record. Of course, he removed the tires and with the aid of packaging tape he wrapped the rims with coke plastic bottles (filled with coca cola).

He finally installed the wheels back on his Mercedes as he was now ready for the first test run. Shortly after he had to do things again and use more tape as the construction was falling apart. After repeating this action, it seemed like the coca cola bottles did the trick!

He ran forwards and backwards and the construction seemed to stay still. He had no problem with these kind of tires. Well, to be honest, we don’t know how these bottle tires would perform during winter, but still, take a look at this video!

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