Teenager Cars Porsche Joke 1

Want to hear a Porsche joke? Just imagine waking up one day and see a brand new Porsche parked outside your driveway. Who is that and whose car is it? Do we have a millionaire coming over for brunch? And what would you even do if it turned out to be your son’s car? Oh, and your son is not Bill Gates, it’s a 15-year-old! Teenager cars are one thing, but a 15-year-old kid driving a supercar like that one? Not under my roof! That’s probably what every parent would say.

Teenager Cars Porsche Joke 2

Anyway, this Porsche joke will definitely make you smile and might even be a good revenge plan for your partner if ever needed. Anyway, it goes like this: A boy came home with a Porsche and his parents start screaming all-of-a-sudden.

The boy was surprised and simply explained to them that he just bought that car from a lady on the street! He even claimed that she sold it to him for $15!

Of course, they would not believe him since they both know how much a car like that can cost! Why would she sell you a car like that for $15?! No one is that insane, the parents screamed.

However, the boy stood his ground and told the parents to go and see for themselves. His father went to the lady who made this “special deal” and asked her why she did so. She gave him a pretty good and hilarious answer which you can find out in the video below!

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