Chained Cars Against Bollard Results In Spectacular Animation 1

When coming up with ideas for new and interesting tests, there is couple of things that need paying attention to. You need to be sure on what your test tries to prove and how efficient will it be in its intention. Other thing is to make sure whether your test will leave a significant mark in its field. Entertainment value is something to be considered as well. This spectacular animation that you are about to see in the video below definitely has some significant entertainment value.

Chained Cars Against Bollard Results In Spectacular Animation 2

That said, even you find this tests meaningless, we are sure you will have fun watching it. The test features two chained cars going at a high speed and with the chain hitting a bollard which results in one pretty spectacular animation.

The guy behind this video took different cars going head-to-head at around the same speed. When they hit the bollard with the chain you can see some pretty interesting physics. Usually both cars end up completely wrecked. However, no harm done as this video is only a CGI simulation done through a gaming platform. That said, no real vehicles were wrecked during the process.

The simulation of this video was done by BeamNG. We think that the point behind this simulation is to showcase their CGI realism that provides some pretty interesting gaming experience.

The focus of this simulation is how the cars move rather than their aesthetics and attention to detail. Nevertheless, it also provides lots of entertaining from spectacular crashes.

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