Loosen Wheel Nuts Nut Buddy Jr 1

There are people in this World that can’t stand loosening wheel nuts due to many inconveniences they had had with these things! I personally recall myself trying to change one on the highway for 3 hours as it was so stubborn and would not get out! However, now that we see this amazing tool called Nut Buddy Jr, it all makes sense. It’s awkward but I can’t wait to have a situation where I could use this handy tool.

Loosen Wheel Nuts Nut Buddy Jr 2

Anyway, the Nut Buddy Jr is a tool that helps you with your stubborn lug nut, no matter how difficult they are to handle. You don’t have to use any strength as the tool does that for you. Anyone can use it, toddlers, women and old men!

It can be used on both commercial or agriculture vehicles as the gear ratio is 18:1. It comes in a very convenient carrying case and includes three sockets of 17mm, 19mm and 21mm. It is very easy to use!

No more stressing out over a simple nut. All you have to do is to choose the socket that suits your wheel nut and put it on the unit. Your other arm is only used for support on the lug nut.

Later on, when the socket is in place along with the cylinder, all you have to do is to turn the handle until the wheel nut is loosened up and ready to come out. Nut Buddy Jr can be your buddy anytime, check out the video below!

Finally, these are the best car gadgets ever!