Engine Oil Myths 11

Just like everything car-related, there is a broad range of engine oils that you can choose from. You have a broad choice when choosing oil brands, oil types or even how much the oil weighs. However, with this also comes many engine oil myths. These myths are about engine oil, synthetic oils and recycled oils. You should be aware that many of these myths have been debunked.

Engine Oil Myths 2

That said, in order to set things straight, the YouTube channel that goes by the name of AMMO NYC made a very educational video featuring many known engine oil myths that people still believe in.

So, after many years of misinformation and oi confusion, this YouTube channel went to the source in order to shed some light regarding this matter. The source is a regarded oil chemist and the guys from AMMO NYC ask him a couple of questions regarding this heavily marketed and technical industry.

The oil chemist that AMMO NYC went to works for Total and the video is filmed at their manufacturing plant. That said, you will also get to see a bit of the manufacturing plant as well. You’ll also get a glimpse of how exactly engine oil is made and what to expect from each oil type when you put in your car.

This video can also guide you about what type of motor oils to ignore. AMMO NYC should continue with this concept because their educational content and production is pretty good. Larry is also a great host.

Finally, if you still don’t know how to change your oil, read these tips!