Driver Tricks The Tesla Autopilot Safety System With An Orange 1

Before elaborating this further, we just want to say that the trick you are about to watch in the video below is better to just watch it instead of trying it on your Tesla. Nevertheless, it looks like this simple Tesla hack worked fine for one driver to trick the Tesla autopilot safety system. This trick unveils a simple workaround when it comes to Tesla’s sensors that need pressure on the wheel in order to make sure you are still awake and attentive.

Driver Tricks The Tesla Autopilot Safety System With An Orange 2

This driver tricked the Tesla autopilot safety system by placing an orange where the sensors are in order to deceive them. Therefore, the sensors are deceived that the driver’s hands are still on the wheel. This allows the vehicle to use its autopilot system to drive him while he does everything but safe driving.

For the time being, Tesla EVs are just semi-autonomous. That said these cars demand several a couple of manual safety systems. That’s why drivers are required to keep their hands on the wheel at all times even when the car is in self-driving mode.

This video also reminded us of the first autopilot death in a Tesla. According to the official investigation, the driver ignored several warnings from the self-driving system to place his hands back.

Our conclusion is that a perfect future where autonomous cars roam the roads is inevitable. However, it will take a couple of years more to get there. That’s why you should respect the Tesla autopilot safety system.

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