This Snow Challenge Can Be Tackled By Few Vehicles Only 1

Having been deep in the snow season where many snow storms have stuck the streets in our towns, there are just few people that can drive around with their vehicles. This is especially true for those parts of the city where the streets are not cleaned all the time and if you have a low car, then you are going to have to simply wait to melt down. However, this is something that the citizens from Amman, which is the capital of Jordan, took in advantage and made a snow challenge that few cars can tackle it.

This Snow Challenge Can Be Tackled By Few Vehicles Only 2

The point of it is very simple. You have to get from one end of the street to the other, but there is a little twist to it. The street is covered in slushy snow and you have to drive at a very steep angle.

As it can be seen, many children are having some fun time there, but then this big white Chevy truck arrived and decided to teach everyone a lesson. Even though at first it seemed like the truck will not be able to pass the snow challenge, soon after things changed.

Inch by inch and by drifting his tires through the snow, the driver managed to climb up the street and reach the end, which is definitely something that only few vehicles can do.

This is surely an indicator of the true power of the Chevy and its real capabilities when it comes to tackling difficult and harsh terrains!