The Trailer For Taxi 5 Movie is Here 1

There have been some absolutely stunning movie franchises over the years and we just cannot wait until we hear about the new one. If you have been following and watching some absolutely stunning racing movies over the years, then you must be familiar with the one and only Taxi franchise. It offered us a chance to take a look at some of the best cars ever. This is exactly why we are all excited to say that Taxi 5 is back and you are going to love the trailer. The movie is supposed to come out this year and it is better than ever.

The Trailer For Taxi 5 Movie is Here 2

The legendary white Peugeot is still there, but this time we take a look at some of the best modern cars in action. As you might expect, there are tons of crashes, bumps and races throughout the whole movie.

It is just what we needed this year and if you have been a fan of that sequence, then you are going to love the latest from them. The trailer has just been published couple of days ago and it went viral almost instantly.

For those of you, who have not heard about this awesome franchise before, make sure to watch the other movies before finally taking a look at Taxi 5.

You will not regret it and it seems that waiting for so many years is well worth it. There are many explosions, jumps and hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud!