5 Movies with Cool Female Drivers


There’s a lot of driving. There’s a lot of awesome driving. You get the idea: there’s a lot of badass driving sequences. And the main driver is Angelina Jolie, who made Timur Bekmambetov’s work a fantastic action movie. It’s really meaningless to describe it – you have to see this movie. And don’t forget to pick up your jaw afterwards because you will see one of the best female drivers in a movie.

5 Movies with Cool Female Drivers 11

Kill Bill

It’s a legendary film known all around the world that features one of the most famous female protagonists in the history of cinema – the Bride. The antagonist of the film is her ex-lover named Bill. At some point, the heroine realizes that she’s pregnant with Bill’s child. Deciding to build a quiet future and have a baby, the Bride stops working as a hired killer and moves to another city. In a new place, she meets a young guy she’s soon going to get married to. But the wedding didn’t happen. This is a legendary movie, and you have to watch it with someone you love. Just when the Bride shows up at the wedding, Bill shoots her. A second before the shot, she manages to say that she’s pregnant with his kid. Fortunately, the Bride was really lucky. She had only one chance to survive. Four years of coma behind. The Bride woke up and realized that Bill had killed her child.

Fast and Furious

If the screens of cinemas are filled with explosions, shooting, and roars of motors of fast cars, then the premiere of the new movie Fast and Furious is out. Of course, it’s an extremely male-ish film: explosions, action, drama, and an incredible level of effects are made mostly for guys. Accordingly, most of the main characters are men. But, in this series of male films, there are strong female characters, such as Gal Gadot, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordan Brewster, Mirta Michelle, Elsa Pataki, Gina Carano, Clara Padget, and many others. All of them play key roles, creating a contrast to testosterone with their talent, beauty, and uniqueness.

Bonny and Clyde

A Hollywood movie of 1967 Bonnie and Clyde directed by Arthur Penn and starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in the lead roles collected a large number of awards, including two Oscars. The history of the infamous couple is directly linked to the Great Depression: an economic crisis stretching for almost a decade which has devastated the country and plunged millions of Americans into poverty. During the same period, the gangster era flourished, when bandit groups had significant power in the country; sometimes even more significant than the government.

However, this does not apply to Bonnie and Clyde. They weren’t a part of a powerful mafia structure; they weren’t subordinated to criminals, who sowed chaos and death around them. Their story is the story of love, drama, and survival in the harsh conditions of the great depression. You’re obliged to watch this film not for the sake of a strong female character, which, of course, is there, but for the sake of history and the way it captures the viewer.

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Mad Max Fury Road

After the destruction of the world order, an indefinite amount of time passed. By the will of circumstances, the protagonist, whose principle of survival is loneliness, and whose mind always creates hallucinations with dead people begging for salvation, joins the bold escape of the slaves from the tyrant – the Undead Joe.

In the hope of seeing native lands, from where she was kidnapped ass a child, the heroine of Charlize Theron, Furiosa drives a huge gasoline truck through a barren desert, saving five girls. They are pursued by an army of brutal and perfectly armed berserkers. Joe seeks to get back his harem at any cost; he’s obsessed with the mania of the birth of healthy descendants without anomalies because there are very little of healthy people after the apocalypse. Physical deformities and short life became the norm.

The escapees try to get away from their pursuers. But the dream of the Green Lands suddenly crumbles to dust when Furiosa meets her fellow tribesmen. The story they tell casts a shadow of despair on all the characters. Furiosa is one of the most revealing strong female characters in the history of cinematography. She represents strength, fury, stubbornness, and everything that symbolizes a strong woman.