When Fate Goes Its Own Way 4 Shocking Truck Accident Facts 1

Few traffic collisions are as potentially devastating as those that take place involving trucks. Whether the truck involved is a personal vehicle or one employed for commercial purposes, the size of these behemoths makes the possibility of serious injuries or fatalities even higher than accidents involving smaller cars. Here are some truck accident facts of which all drivers should be aware.

When Fate Goes Its Own Way 4 Shocking Truck Accident Facts 2

Fatigue Is Often Cited as A Cause of Truck Accidents

In the cases where commercial trucks were involved in accidents, fatigue was often listed as being one of the determining factors. Because long haul truckers sometimes spend many hours on end driving across the country, it’s common for them to rely on caffeine or even amphetamines of various kinds to see themselves through. If a trucker is trying to bring a load to its destination before a tight deadline, they might forego a few hours of sleep in the attempt. There is no way of telling whether the drivers of trucks on the road around you are sufficiently rested. The best advice is to observe these juggernauts very carefully and to keep a safe distance when you can.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance Is Always a Concern

Commercial trucks drive thousands of miles in relatively short periods of time, so fleet maintenance is essential. Most trucking companies take excellent care of their vehicles, but it is always possible for something to escape their notice. As a driver sharing the road with commercial trucks, you must hope that the ones near to you are well maintained. If you collide with a truck and it appears that equipment failure is to blame, enlist a truck accident attorney without delay.

Younger Truck Drivers Are More Likely to Be in Crashes

Statistics consistently show that younger commercial truck drivers get involved in more accidents than older ones. This is doubtless due to younger drivers having less experience driving the big rigs. You have no way of knowing how old the truck drivers around you are, but your best move is to still treat these larger commercial vehicles with respect wherever you encounter them.

When Fate Goes Its Own Way 4 Shocking Truck Accident Facts 3

The Crash Rate of Trucks is Considerably Less Than Other Vehicles

Probably the most shocking of the facts on this list is that although trucks seem scary just based on their size, they are involved in fewer accidents than other types of vehicles. That might be because those around them give them a wide berth. Alternatively, it might be that because of the specialized training that truck drivers receive and the abundance of time they spend out on the road, they are less likely to make driving mistakes than less experienced drivers.

Although you should always be cautious when sharing the road with either commercial trucks or personal ones, there is no need to be irrationally afraid of them. Be respectful of their space as their size demands, and trust that their drivers know what they’re doing. If the unforeseen happens and an accident involving a truck does occur, don’t delay in seeking out an attorney who specializes in these sorts of cases.