Batdads Reaction To Buying An Awesome Ferrari With Bitcoins 1

Among many other events that took place this year, there was one that absolutely everybody went crazy for. Of course we are talking about Bitcoins, the crypto currency that made everyone to think about a crazy time machine that can take you back just couple of years ago. Yes, the value of it went absolutely crazy this year and everyone wanted to get a piece of the cake. People began purchasing the Bitcoins like crazy. However, Batdad was the one who did not know about them and we see his reaction to his son purchasing an awesome Ferrari with them.

Batdads Reaction To Buying An Awesome Ferrari With Bitcoins 2

Batdad is very famous for making awesome videos together with his family and this is just one of them. Namely, he starts a conversation with his so which later on says that he is going to buy an awesome Ferrari with the money he made from investing in Bitcoin.

His dad did not believe him and thought that he was just making things up. However, things get really funny when his son actually goes to get the Ferrari.

Batdad is waiting for him at home and he was still unaware that the Bitcoin story is actually real, soon after his son arrived in the amazing red beast, thus causing his dad to go absolutely crazy.

Of course this is just partially real hence his son was not actually purchasing and driving the car, however, the part with the Bitcoins is actually and now you know what real investment is!