Supercar Race Interrupted by Very Fast Sleeper Car 1

Without a doubt we can clearly say that many modern cars are extremely fast and powerful and they can perform way better than the cars that we have had just 10 years ago. However, certain people tend to take their old car and modify it in the most extreme way, often making the vehicle extremely powerful even though it might not look like so. This is exactly why we take a look at this absolutely legendary video where we witness the true power of this ridiculously fast sleeper on the road.

Supercar Race Interrupted by Very Fast Sleeper Car 2

Yes, some of you might recognize this footage where three mighty cars take part in, but you would have never expected to see the last one there. Namely, two guys were supposed to race on the highway, thus there was a camera mounted in one of the cars.

The Porsche 911 GT3 475PS was supposed to take on the powerful Nissan 350Z Procharged. Once they were up and going it seemed like nothing could stand on their way and no vehicle could come anywhere near them. However, this super-fast sleeper had something else in mind.

The sleeper was in fact a Golf MK1 4-Motion and to everyone’s shock and disbelief, it simply flew past by the two supercars and made everyone laugh.

As it can be seen from the short video, the Golf really does push itself to the limit, which is something that we must give credits to its creators. This is not something you see every day on the highway!

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