This 72000 Limen LED Flashlight Is Water Cooled 1

People are always known for coming up and making some of the most incredible things that we have ever seen, mainly because they have to wish to make something unique. Their creativity seems to know no limits and no matter how difficult the idea might sound, they will eventually turn it into a reality. This is exactly why we take a look at awesome videos on daily basis. If you thought that a LED flashlight cannot get any stronger, you were most certainly wrong. The one we see here is going to change the way you look at them.

This 72000 Limen LED Flashlight Is Water Cooled 2

New designs and inventions are common these days, but this pushed the limits of making a LED flashlight cool and extraordinary. Besides the fact that it is extremely bright i.e. 72,000 Lumens to be precise, this amazing design is in fact water cooled.

Yes, just like those modern and fancy computers, this flashlight is as cool as it can get. The guy who made it took us through all of the things that we need to know about it, as well as the time and materials and tools that he needed to make it.

He ordered most of the materials online, thus the making of it could have begin. He took us through all of the steps for making this LED flashlight reality, but then it was time to finally test it.

There is couple of comparison tests that he makes and in each and every one of them the difference is massive!