SUPER CLEAN Your Car Windshield 1

There is a huge number of videos that you can find on the internet which give you all of the answers that you have ever wanted to know. If you ever wanted to change your brake pads, worry no more and simply look up the detailed tutorial online. The one thing that you would never want to see is a foggy and dirty car windshield. It is something that looks ugly and it can potentially be extremely dangerous to you and the people around you. This is why we see the perfect way to super clean your car windshield in no time.

SUPER CLEAN Your Car Windshield 2

The demonstration is done by our favorite YouTube car guys, Chris, on his 1996 Chevy Corvette. He has already won many awards on competitions where he had the cleanest car, and he is the perfect guy to give us the answers that we have ever needed.

All that you are going to need for this detailed cleaning are just some regular liquids that you have around your home or garage. Make sure to have a perfectly clean towel, hence you want to avoid any tiny scratches on your car windshield while cleaning it.

Apply some of the window cleaner at one end and by using the towel, rub it off in a circular motion. Make sure you do it nice and slow and avoid leaving any residue on the windshield.

In no time and with a little bit of effort, you are going to end up with the cleanest windshield that you have ever had!

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