Abandoned Formula 1 Race Tracks & Old F1 Cars 1

Taking a look at old photos and discovering something new and amazing is always exciting, this is exactly why there is always something new to witness. Certain people are absolutely obsessed with searching for pieces of history and collection those old photos into some of the most amazing collections ever. Whenever you come across something similar, you would want to learn as much as possible about it. This is why the pictures you see of these abandoned Formula 1 race tracks are absolutely intriguing and amazing.

Abandoned Formula 1 Race Tracks & Old F1 Cars 2

There is something special about it, some mystery and some wish to learn more and more about it. Namely, the tracks that we see are in absolutely horrible condition, but that is the true beauty of them. You can just lay back, take a look at them and imagine how many races have taken place and how trophies have been won there.

However, not only we take a look at some abandoned Formula 1 race tracks, but we also take a look at forgotten F1 cars that testify for a time in which racing was beginning to shape the world.

Many people fell in love with the sport due to these cars and due to these tracks; this is why taking a look at the photos is an amazing and unique experience.

Some of the race tracks have been opened for more than half a century before and year after year, they have managed to withstand the burning tires of the mighty F1 cars. What a unique experience this is!