The Longest Drivable Distance On Earth 1

Today we might just have the most interesting question ever to be posed: What is the longest drivable distance connecting to places on Earth. And yeah, before you get all smart and tell us to just drive around it forever, let us tell you that this route has to be the shortest one between two points. So, let’s start by naming the biggest road system on Earth, that being the one connecting Asia, Europe and Africa!

The Longest Drivable Distance On Earth 2

However, although it seems that these are all connected by road since there is no sea splitting them, you have been wrong about that. It is simply impossible to cross from Asia to Africa due to the Suez Canal. The one that makes the trip by boat from Europe to Asia much easier.

Also, as it seems that the previous three continents are all connected by land, the same dilemma goes for the two Americas! Technically, they are, but in reality we have the Panama Canal! However, the difference is that this Canal has several bridges connecting the two lands.

However, the Darien gap is the main problem here since it is flooded by para military forces and dangerous gangs! However, the longest drivable distance seems to be easily calculated. WRONG!

It took several hours to finally calculate this distance and it started somewhere in Portugal. The longest route covers 8726 miles of road and it will take you more than 6 days to complete it. Want to know where it ends? Find out in the video below!

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