What Will Happen If You Hit More Than 100 Speed Bumps 2

The internet is full of educational videos as we have been witnesses to many lately showing us the basics of cars. We learned how they are built and how they work. However, this one is a bit different as it shows us what could happened to our car if they consecutively hit 100 or more speed bumps! The video is very interesting and it seems like you are watching a crus test! So, if you want to find out what could possibly happen, this is the video for you!

What Will Happen If You Hit More Than 100 Speed Bumps 1

We are talking about a 10-minute-long compilation of such “crashes”. It is an animation, not real footages so no one got hurt during the process of making! The animation covers all types of vehicles as it starts with a cement truck hitting speed bumps!

You would thing that a giant like this one would easily hit all the bumps but it seems to fail just before the last speed bump. Next of, a pretty petite Citroen. Probably expected, this one ends up even worse!

Moreover, it had the same destiny as the truck but much earlier. The middle of the bumps was fatal for it after it jumped from one to another for several times!

Moreover, the video shows many other vehicles trying this speed bump crash test. The “fun” does not end with the cement truck and petite Citroen. Many other vehicles try to do the same but fail! Or do they all? Make sure you watch the whole video!

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