Tesla Model X Car 1

One Tesla owner from Alvdal, Norway decided to see what it’s like sleeping in a Tesla Model X car in extremely cold conditions. To be precise, the temperature outside of the car is 1°F. Now, we are very glad we have YouTubers like this young man here who can precisely demonstrate how a Tesla can be used. We appreciate him for conducting these tests for educational purposes.

Tesla Model X Car 2

He wants to find out how much energy the car will spend during the night while he’s sleeping in the car. So, after waking he found out that on a full charged battery the Tesla Model X car can deliver 48 hours of comfortable camping mode. Other thing worth mentioning is that he covered the windows with acoustic foam and Evannex HeatShield.

Surprising for some but maybe not so surprising for others who are more familiar with Tesla cars, the car’s average energy consumption turned out be only 4 mi/h. This is pretty impressive by every standard.

However, he complained that in some moments it got a bit too cold in the car. However, that might be because he set the fan speed to 1. Maybe the low air flow was just not enough to maintain the temperature warm in the car. Maybe he should have put the fan to auto.

Maybe next time he should left everything in automatic mode so we can see the system doing its work. The results from that would be interesting as well. Nevertheless, this was a very nice experiment and proves the prowess of Tesla.

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