Ford GT Suspension Animation - Unlikely Anything Else 1

There have been some great and major breakthroughs that we have witnessed over the years when it comes to manufacturing cars. Many brand new systems were developed, which is something that highly improved their performance and speed, as well as their safety. To prove that this theory is in fact correct and true, we take a look at this awesome animation by our favorite YouTube car channel, Engineering Explained, which takes us through every detail about this awesome Ford GT suspension. You will be surprised at how good it is!

Ford GT Suspension Animation - Unlikely Anything Else 2

The guy from Ford surely did an awesome job when designing and coming up with the plans for this suspension and you will soon realize why. Namely, the short animation is something more than enough to enlighten you with the true beauty of the system.

This Ford GT suspension works like a well oiled machine and every part of it plays a vital role. This is in fact a double wishbone pushrod suspension, thus meaning that you can clearly see each of the parts clearly.

There are many pivot points and many springs which help the system to work together like a charm. There is also an electronically controlled spool valve which is called the Multimatic eDSSV.

This is in fact the first time that such spool valve has been used in a production car. The torsion car spring system is also one of the parts that play a vital role here, hence make sure to watch every second of the video!