This Turbo Minivan Is Ridiculously Powerful 1

In the world of modifying cars absolutely everything is allowed and you can never go wrong. We have been coming across many such videos before where people took an ordinary and every day machine and turned it into something utterly incredible. Hereby, if you are willing to take a look at yet something more amazing, something that you have not seen so far, then you must check out this video. Namely, we will be taking a look at a ridiculously powerful turbo minivan and it is absolutely unique.

This Turbo Minivan Is Ridiculously Powerful 2

Yes, we must admit that modifying a minivan into something so powerful is not something common and people are not used to it. However, if we ought to say that something has been made to mere perfection when it comes to performance and power, we say that this turbo minivan deserves all our credits. We take a quick look at what is under the hood and the guy takes is through everything that they have done so far.

There are still couple of things that are about to be done on the turbo minivan, but overall this machine looks absolutely amazing. They still need to tune the minivan hence they have just mounted in the brand new injectors. The machine is then placed on the dyno for a quick test and as it turns out, the engine with the turbo is able to create whooping 508 HP, something that is pretty awesome for such car.

What do you think, is this the most powerful minivan ever?