Volvo Solves The Annoying Turbo Lag Problem 11

Before we begin anything, we must say that people are either going to love or they are going to hate what they are going to see next. Namely, there is one group of people who finds turbo lag pretty enjoying and does not mind it all, whereas there are some to whom the annoying turbo lag is the worst thing ever that a car could have. Hereby, to solve this problem that has been going on for quite awhile now, Volvo has just come up with the perfect solution and we check out every detail in this video.

Namely, one of our favorite YouTube channel, Engineering Explained and its host takes us through all the details and all the peculiar aspect that are going to put an end to the annoying turbo lag problem. The first solution is called the Power Pulse which is basically used on diesel engines. The way how it works is pretty simple.

You have an air compressor that is powered up by an electric motor that fills up an air tank with high pressure air. This enables for a quick intake of high pressure air in the exhaust manifold once you floor the pedal down, thus getting rid of the turbo lag. There is a nice drawing on the blackboard so you can easily understand everything that is going on with inside the Power Pulse.

If you want to know more and see what else Volvo has to offer, check out the full video!