awesome self driving trucks

People say that every generation has a favorite job to do. However, the profession that will never cease to end is the one of the truck drivers. People will always need a way to transport goods, right? Well, all of this might completely change in the next couple of years since the self driving trucks are actually a reality now. Even though there are many questions that follow, the one that bugs us the most is what will happen to 1.7 million people in the US? Yes, this is the number of active truck drivers in the country and if you are asking us, this is a huge number of people whose job might be at great risk. Even though we will not see the self-driving trucks for the next 5 to 10 years, this threat will only continue to grow as time flies by.

awesome self driving trucks 1

For many people this was devastating news, but to all future-world enthusiasts, this is something amazing. We all love to see some progress, but is this the right way? Well, there is no wrong or right answer. At least we know that Otto HQ, Volvo, Daimler and Peterbilt will be the key players in the whole industry. They are the ones who are investing the most in the technology and they are the one who love to see the self driving trucks in action. Even though this business is nearly finished, there is still a long way for the trucks to be actually put in action. The safety point is their number one priority, but there are other aspects to be taken care of. Nevertheless, this will eventually result in great efficiency by reducing the risk of horrible accidents in which people lose their lives!

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