Automatic Car Cover vehicle wireless 3

If you are unable to keep your car always in the garage, then a car cover is an inexpensive and a fairly suitable substitution! Car cover always come in handy, doesn’t it? It is easy to mount and it protects your vehicle from pretty much any kind of debris you can think of. Don’t exaggerate instantly, a tree trunk is not debris! Anyway, how about an automatic car cover that unpacks by itself with only one click of a button? It is not much, but it is still an interesting invention, at least for us.

The automatic unpacking feature this device has can be really helpful if you are in a rush or if a rain is about to start and you (of course!) want to protect your car! Plus, what we find more important, your automatic car cover will always be neat and tidy packed, without you spending time to fold it and unfold it every single time! Now that’s a perk. Also, it doesn’t take much space, so you can always keep it in your vehicle’s trunk, thus making you able to use it anytime you want, and more importantly, anywhere you want. So, make sure to press that play button below and feel free to express yourself in the comment section!

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