Is This The Most Beautiful Lazy Susan Turntable Table Ever 1

If you are a craftsman and you like making things on your own, or you are simply looking for the proper inspiration for your next project, we have the perfect video just for you. You are going to be absolutely impressed by what this guy managed to build in with some common tools. A Lazy Susan turntable might just come in any shape and size and might be made from any material, but the one you see here is definitely going to top them all. This is for all of you tool fanatics out there. You are going to love this piece of ingenuity.

Is This The Most Beautiful Lazy Susan Turntable Table Ever 2

Namely, he built the Lazy Susan turntable from a big chunk of wood and he fixed in place some vintage hand tools using epoxy. Yes, he made a big hole in the center of the chunk of wood and sanded down everything until it was nice and smooth.

He covered some of the cracks with tape and then it was time for lots and lots of epoxy. He placed the hand tools in a circular pattern and began the application of the epoxy.

Layer after layer, the Lazy Suzan turntable began to take shape. After each application he used a blow torch to remove any excess bubbles that might form imperfection on the top. He let everything to dry and installed the rotating piece of metal at the bottom.

The final product is something absolutely impressive and you are going to wish to have one right away!