This Illinois Interstate Was Covered In Bunch Of Dollar Bills 2

There are number of scenarios that might happen on a normal and seemingly simple day that are absolutely impossible to believe in and they look like they came out from a cartoon or a movie. This is exactly what had happened in this interstate in Illinois when witnesses say that the road was closed down for over an hour because it was covered in bunch of dollar bills. Yes, even though this might sound absolutely unreal, this is exactly what had happened just recently and we see some cool footage from the scene.

This Illinois Interstate Was Covered In Bunch Of Dollar Bills 1

Namely, as reports say, a black car was carrying lots of cash from a gambling machine and was supposed to transport them somewhere else. However, due to the fact that the driver was going incredibly fast, he got involved in a horrible accident, which is exactly how the dollar bills were spread out all over the Illinois interstate.

The car was absolutely wrecked and fortunately the driver was fine, immediately after he was rushed to hospital.

It was a rainy day and there was not much wind there, elsewhere, the five, ten and twenty dollar bills would have been flying all over the area and presumably, people would have been chasing after them, a scene only seen in movies and cartoons.

Authorities had to shut down the road for a full hour until all the cash was picked up and collected in bags. What a spectacular sight, something that you do not see very often and something that is difficult to believe!