Want A Ride In The Skydiving Car 1

If you are the type of person who is interested into extreme sports and keep in touch with the latest news about them, we have something that is going to impress you a lot. People are constantly coming up with different ways to have lots of fun, and we might have just discovered the best way. Namely, if you are brave enough and have the guts to do it, you might just want a ride in this skydiving car. Yes, this is actually true and even though we do not know who came up with the concept, we must give credits none whatsoever.

Want A Ride In The Skydiving Car 11

The idea is pretty simple and straightforward. The guys took an old car from the junkyard, presumably without anything under its hood, and they stripped it down completely, keeping just the seats.

Then, the car was loaded onto a place and five people sat inside the skydiving car. Soon after the plane reached the desirable height, it was time for some real action. Even though it seemed like they were having a pleasant ride down there on the road, they were falling down with the car from the sky.

It looks absolutely hilarious and everyone had a great time. Soon after they had to jump out of the vehicle and activate their parachutes.

This has to be done in a remote area where no one is near around hence the skydiving car is going to get absolutely busted from the impact. What an amazing idea for every extreme sports lover!