Cute Baby Rhino vs Car 1

Taking a look at funny videos with our normal pets is a no uncommon occurrence, however, watching a wild life animal having some great and fun time is even better. Even though these wild life animals can be really dangerous at times and you should not take them for granted, this cute baby rhino will surely cheer you up even at the most difficult of times. Namely, white rhinos are endangered species and only can only be found in Africa. They are killed on daily basis and only 29,500 have remained out of many millions.

Cute Baby Rhino vs Car 2

These tourists had the chance to capture something amazing and something that made them laugh out loud. Namely, this cute baby rhino got closer and closer to their vehicle and even though at one moment it seemed like it was about to attack them, it suddenly changed its mind.

Instead of shoving his small horn in the car, the white baby rhino immediately rushed back, presumably because it was spooked by something. It ran in the opposite direction and as it came close to the other car, it stopped yet once again.

However, instead of going back to his mom, this cute baby rhino had the time of his life and ran back and forth between these cars. It did the same for couple of times and all of that was caught on video, thus enabling us to see one of the cutest and most adorable rhino videos of all time!

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