Best Car Gadgets For Christmas 2017 Chris Fix Gift 2

It is that time of the year when holidays are approaching and you are going to have to think about all the present that you should buy. Hereby, if you are having a car’s guy in your family, or just any family member that actually has a car, you must take a look at this video and see some amazing gift ideas for Christmas. We are going to be taking a look at some of the best car gadgets, gadgets that are going to be extremely useful for you in various situations.

Best Car Gadgets For Christmas 2017 Chris Fix Gift

We are going to kick off our list with a pretty unique tool, tool that is going to make the job of unscrewing a stuck nut much, much easier. It is called the High Power Bolt Buster Kit and this gadget works purely on producing immense heat in just 10 seconds, and once you heat that nut, unscrewing it is going to be something easy.

However, if you do not want to spend that much money on it, why not buying a jumper cable that you have not seen so far. They are called the Smart Booster Cables and what makes them so special is the fact that there is a voltmeter and a built-in protector.

Next up we take a look at the Smart Tire Safety Monitor, a gadget that is going to help you monitor the tire pressure in each of your cars via your phone or tablet.

Check the video for some of the best car gadgets of this year!

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