Ramset Gun vs Worlds Toughest Motorcycle Lock 1

Whenever you invest huge amount of money onto the vehicle that you have always wanted to have, you would want to make sure that no one can steal it. Thieves are constantly lurking behind the corner and waiting for their next victim to make a slight mistake. This is going to open an opportunity for them to get what they want. However, Stanley has just designed the world’s toughest motorcycle lock that simply cannot be broken no matter what, but is it really so? Is this in reality the toughest motorcycle lock that we have ever seen? Check the locksmiths dublin.

Ramset Gun vs Worlds Toughest Motorcycle Lock 2

Well, it is time to find out the answer in a wonderful demonstration. Namely, this guy wanted to test out its true durability. He took his powerful Ramset tool which should do the job just perfectly.

After going through some of the details about the motorcycle lock and the facts why it is regarded as the toughest model yet, it was finally time to see the results. The lock is set on the side and the powerful impact tool is pressed from the top.

In just one shot, the Ramset tool managed to make a big hole in the chain, but did it really broke? You bet it did! It took just one shot until the motorcycle lock was shattered in pieces, which is something that does not add on to the fact that it is that tough.

It seems that no lock can handle the thieves from fulfilling their goals and stealing whatever they want!

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