Lowrider With Air Suspension Snow Road Ice 2

People these days seem to come up with amazing ideas and do some of the craziest things ever, things that have not been done so far. The ability to come across various videos almost instantly, which is enabled by the social media, surely does add on to the effect that we can see just about anything and nothing can surprise us. Hereby, if you have been looking for the perfect video to start your day, take a look at this amazing lowrider with air suspension that is rolling down the highway during the snow with a style.

Lowrider With Air Suspension Snow Road Ice 1

Even though classic car owners rarely take out their cars out of the garages during such weather, this guy had something else in mind and he wanted to make the best out of it. One thing is for sure, this lowrider with air suspension surely does look amazing, but what it just did on this video no one can explain.

Namely, out of nowhere and without any actual need, the driver switched on the hydraulics, thus causing the car to lift up. However, the driver did not stop there and he lifted the front left side of the car even more, which caused the wheel to sit in mid-air. Even though this actually looked amazing, driving just like that on a snowy day is surely not something that is recommended.

Fortunately enough, it took just couple of seconds more until the driver lowered his car yet once again.

What do you think about this driver?

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